Youtube converter extension for chrome

Youtube Converter is a toll to convert your videos from website like youtube, MyVideo, Dailymotion, Vimeo videos to mp3 or mp4 format. The best thing is you can convert your video in one click button just on top or bottom of your video in chrome browser. Converted video can be download instantly. There are two separate buttons for converting to mp3 or mp4.

As you click on the button a new tap opens and your video conversion starts. It very easy, free, and fast.


Shotty screen capture software

Screen capture is required many times. The simplest way is the print screen button on your keyboard. But there are some free softwares for this which can lot a lot more than this in a simplest way.


It is simply screenshot taking tool. 
  • It have a special Aero-glass effect in windows which gives HQ screenshots with shadow of select window and semitransparent borders. 
  • You can crop the captured image, insert some text, insert captioning.
  • Click on the icon in tray will quickly capture screenshot of whole screen with option of edit, save and upload to image hosting.
  • Shotty run in background without disturbing you.
  • You can also upload image directly to image hosting websites.
Although the quality of captured image is good but its size it too much and if you want to upload it to image hosting then you need image compression. 

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How to remove autorun.inf virus

Many times when you click on the drive (C:, D: or E:) they do not open instead a open with window popup. This is due to a virus which creates a autorun.inf file in our drives. This can be easily repaired in some simple steps.
open with window popup due to autofun.inf
  1.  Go to start >> run type cmd and press enter. This will open command prompt window.
  2. Type cd/ in the cmd window and press enter.
  3. Type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf and press enter.
  4. Then write del autorun.inf and press enter.
  5. Finally type d: and press enter and repeat this 5th step for all the drives in your system.
  6. Restart your system and you are done!!
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3 Steps to password protected and encrypted mail

Want to send some confidential information to someone else via mail?? It may be not secure as hackers can intercept your message and get the required information. Your solution is here use Lockbin to send these type of messages as it is password protection by AES-256 bit encrytion and a secret password (as desired by user and tell it to recipient by not using mail).  The best part is that it is free service, no registration required for this service and it is also available as desktop apps (window/ linux/ mac) and for mobile. You can also send a file with the mail.


Creating a Google+ Page

Google has launched Google+ pages to promote products, brands, local business or company online with millions of Google+ users.I can tell you how to create google+ page easily

Google+ Page creation

  1. Got to
  2. Select category suitable for your page
  3. Fill required information and click on create
  4. Select a picture and tagline for and click continue 
  5. At last share it with friends in your circle and finish

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